The Zombie Review
” Watch Sally and Ruby cut a path to greatness, all the while showing their small community the meaning of “family values.”

Severed Horror
“ She’s just so damn likeable!”

Eccentric Cinema
“Much like the psycho Firefly family in the Rob Zombie films (House Of 1000 Corpses was another obvious influence), these maniacs possess enough humor and panache to make them somewhat likable, despite their evil acts.”

DVD Verdict
“Chainsaw Sally proves that creativity, a charismatic actress and buckets of fake blood can trump piles of money and overseas investors any day when it comes to creating interesting, entertaining horror films.”

DVD Maniacs
“Chainsaw Sally is an effective mix of horror and black comedy.”

Reel News
“Chainsaw Sally” delivers 90 minutes of shear b-movie fun without using the typical clichés.”

Pretty Scary
“Drenched in blood and oozing sex appeal, Chainsaw Sally is one indie film that doesn’t disappoint!
What can I say, I absolutely loved this movie!”

Trash Film Orgy
“Smarter and funnier than a lot of indie horror”

Rogue Cinema
“April really inhabits Sally like a comfortable shirt, she’s totally at ease with Sally’s insanity, and she moves between the mousy librarian to the outgoing-to-a-fault Sally perfectly.”

42nd Street Pete
“... it actually gives me hope for the future of horror. A true grindhouse film, made by a grindhouse film fan. Hopefully there will be a Sally 2.”

Video Business
“Fast-moving, fun and always winking at its audience—hence the cameos by horror-movie icons Gunnar Hansen (the original “Leatherface”) and pioneering gore director Herschell Gordon Lewis”

DVD Talk
“One could easily envision a whole Chainsaw Sally series,
our power tool terror taking her carve and cut carnival to as many rural rubes as possible”.

Bums Corner
“Chainsaw Sally” blew me away, and she’s the coolest freekin’ killer since Freddy Krueger.

The Movies Made Me Do It
“Director Jimmyo Burril got the balance between story and visceral delights just right with this release, and the result is a film that both gorehounds and the more story-oriented viewers will enjoy.”

Horror Express
“Folks, I betcha this one’s gonna make somebody alot of money. The movie’s titular character is simply howling to be made into an action figure or a comic book series, or both.”

Oh My Gore
“(Chainsaw Sally) gives birth to a new scream queen: Sally!”

Creature Corner
“Sally is damn sexy and equally brutal to those who fall under her scrutiny.
But don’t think this is a cluster-fuck of violence. The film makes sense.”

Jo Blo
“April Burril and a refreshingly smart script from writer / director Jimmy O Burril Chainsaw Sally rises above and emerges as one of (if not the) best indie horror flicks to emerge since Leif Jonker’s Darkness.”

Joe Horror
“...grab your feather boa and some brew and prepare to be entertained!”

“a horror junkie’s wet dream”

Pretty Scary
“It’s the kind of movie I wish would get made more often,
but is that much more special and original because it has no peers.”

Gates of Gore
“CHAINSAW SALLY has what every horror film should have...great acting and dialogue, lots of bloody mayhem and one of the most painful and twisted endings I’ve ever seen.”

Bare Nerve
“...original, fresh and entertaining.”

Severed Cinema
“Burril oozes a sexy yet sinister aura.”

Terror Hook
“Wow, what a refreshing ride CHAINSAW SALLY is!”

The Horror Blog
“Sally is in the running for becoming the next horror doubt about it!”

Horror Watch
“April Monique Burril is excellent as Sally; the character deserves a series of movies.”